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PlayoutONE Processsor Settings

If you’re using PlayoutONE, you’ll want to use the built-in processor to add a little ‘thump’ to your signal. P1 has both an EQ and a compressor built in. I’ve got no recommendation about the EQ settings; I usually leave mine absolutely flat.

Below are the compressor settings that sound good in my ear:

PlayoutONE Time Update Player Commands

Most commercial broadcast stations over-schedule each hour by a song or two because the music director doesn’t know in advance what the commercial content for the future days will be. The extra content is there to ensure the hours will not come up short, less than 60 minutes.  Even when commercial content is not a… Continue Reading

Formatting Daily Voice Tracking for PlayoutONE

When daily / one-time-use voice tracks are recorded remotely and then sent to your station for airplay, you must have the voice tracks date-named in a specific manner. This way it ensures that your voice tracks are played in the correct hours and positions.  For example:  A station has four announcers each working a six-hour… Continue Reading