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Traffecta – Auto Fill With Only One Spot

This is a function that allows a commercial break to be auto-filled to the capacity you set, either a maximum amount of content or a maximum number of units, or both. Spot breaks during live syndicated programs, for example, may provide two minutes that must be filled locally before rejoining the network feed. There can… Continue Reading

Importing Advert Schedule From Traffecta

Traffecta is built into Music 1, so the single application schedules both music and commercials.  Some stations prefer to split the two, having one database to schedule music and another database to schedule the advertising.  In this case, each day’s advert schedule will be imported into the daily music schedule. Then, a complete and fully merged… Continue Reading

Traffecta – Order With Different Rates

When an Advert Order comes with different rates for spots run in different dayparts, the Order will need multiple Items.  Each Item will have it’s own rate and the specific hours where it may run.  The final invoice will incorporate the spots and rates into an accurate and final balance.     Now, another Item… Continue Reading

Traffecta – Break Balancing

We have now added a unique function for networks. Spot breaks no longer must have locked-in/must-fill segments of specific lengths. Stations using syndicated formats are accustomed to having to fill the local breaks with a pre-set amount of content. If the network formats local breaks of two minutes, the affiliate stations always have to have… Continue Reading

Traffecta – Convert Tracks

When importing new music and non-music data into Music 1, any and all units that are 60 seconds or less in length are imported onto non-music cards.  If you are also using Music 1’s Traffecta for commercial scheduling, the commercials need to be converted from non-music cards to Spot cards. Here’s how to do that:… Continue Reading

Traffecta – Packets

When your advertiser has two or more commercials that are to be scheduled to rotate equally, create a packet.  This video shows how to do that. The commercials/announcements that are within the packet may also be scheduled individually with separate Orders. Continue Reading

Traffecta – Agency Billing

I’m really not totally understanding how the agency commission works in adding to an order, any invoice produced doesn’t seem to reflect any commission!?!   From our perspective, If I raise an invoice on the billing system, I’d like the invoice to show a deduction of, for example 12%, cause that’s the ad I’m currently… Continue Reading