"It's a Power Tool for the
modern music curator."

LE Videos

Music 1 LE/Legacy Edition was originally our Version 3 and was the top-of-line when it was released. This software is rock-solid, does what needs to be done in a straight-forward manner. It is a buy-out software; one price and you own it. There are special rates for small market commercial stations, LPFM/Community stations and Internet radio stations.  The videos below show all of the basic functions.  You can learn to run Music 1 LE quite well with these tutorials.

Opening Music 1 LE/Legacy Edition


Menu Tour




Song Cards 


Non Song Cards 


Creating Clocks 


Clock Rules 


Clock Rules – Transitions 




Average Turnover – Rotation Prediction 


Scheduling with Music 1 LE 


Scheduling Views 


Defining Dayparts 




Automation Selection 


Traffic Import Design 


Importing Commercials 


Log Print Design 


Importing Tab Delimited Text Files 


Importing Fixed Width Text Files