The joy of Music 1 is that when I get stumped about how to do something I want to do, I can just look around a bit and figure out how to do it and it is always a simple and logical way to do it.

Eric Roberts

What you’ve done for us is a life saver. You are da’ bomb. M1 is the best investment we’ve made with our station.

Greg Bailey
Vyzion Radio

Thank you, thank you! I really do love the software…If you need a testimonial I would be happy to provide one.

Eric Lambert

We are very happy, very pleased with what M1 has brought to our music department. Everybody notices how much better the music is now.

Derrick Berrios

I am still amazed at how reliable and consistent my rotations are. And I spend less than 10 minutes a day with M1. I used to spend over an hour a day with MusicMaster and still my rotations were never this accurate.

John Hendricks

Thanks so much for what you guys do!!!!!

Alan Clepper

…this is why I love your software. The support is GREAT!

Jesse Hancock

I’ve recommended Music 1 to all radio stations that I know in Romania, it’s an amazing software!

Lucian Zaharia
HFM Radio/Bucharest

This is absolutely the best radio software I have ever used.

Adam Webb

Just to let you know that I’m so very happy with Music 1. It makes my day much easier than in the 5 years before. We (and our listeners, too) noticed immediately how much better was our music flow after we began using M1.

Jürgen Drimal
Superfly FM/Vienna

This software is, hands down, everything that Selector isn’t. I love the capabilities and how easy it is to use.

Kris Sibers

Very impressed with the comprehensive but simple nature of everything. I have used many many schedulers over the years from the simple to the very complex (setting up RCS was a nightmare!) and I am liking M1 very much! It has made a huge difference to our sound.

Lee Middleton

Thank you, man. Music 1 has changed my life. Scheduling our music pure was drudgery before this. I’m now scheduled three days ahead for the very first time and can enjoy the weekend.

Kevin Connor
SXSW Radio/Austin

Thanks for your combined GENIUS & diligence , I would have never known what to do! I just completed the new upload…thanks.

Pastor Mel Keys
Joshua House/San Antonio

Steve, thanks for the quick answer to my questions about SoundExchange reports today. Good to know the report functions are already built into M1. Thanks to your great program, I’m ahead of the game.

John Eddy/KCBI Dallas

Before I got M1, I was spending hours and hours building playlits. With M1, not only do I schedule each day in less than a flash, my listenership has TRIPLED!! I am sure it’s because now I have such great control over my music selection and flow.

Jim Luis/Makeout Memories

FYI, This has been the most consistent scheduler I’ve worked with. I’ve worked mostly with Selector and PowerGold over the years, but M1 blows em away! Keep up the great work!

Craig Morrison-Craig&SamInTheMorning/Little Rock

Now, Music 1 is the best scheduler!!!

Philippe Klesch/Cherie FM-Martinique

This software is saving my life!

Scott Duke/Stoke FM

I’m having so much fun with M1, I can’t tell ya’. I really wish I’d have discovered it twenty years ago.

Michael St. John/Owner WAFN

I’ve honestly never had better customer service from any product I’ve ever purchased before.

Craig Mauger/Big Stick Radio-Australia

I’ll pay for Music 1 out of my own pocket if I have to. I’m not kidding. I’ve used the other big name schedulers and there’s no way I ever want to do that again.

Justin Simane/WSYA

I’m immensely happy with M1.

John Gregg/Gen X Radio

I’ve used M1 for 11 years now because it is by far best scheduling software I’ve ever had.

Greg Brady/KZCR

We have spent about 5 years scheduling on the Music1 system, and it’s still fantastic for our daily music log needs. So cheers to that and your team!

Glen Dinsdale/Switch AM/Melbourne

I want to thank you for this fantastic software, I love it.

Fady El Turk/Energy Groove/Australia

Music 1 brings peace to my world. I’m not kidding. I can finally get some sleep at night because of it.

Maija DeGiorgio/HollywoodOutlawRadio

Shortly after I started scheduling with M1, I got an email from a long time listener telling me whatever we are doing different is working ;>) So… KUDOS to you guys for some great software!!! And Thank you sir for all your FANTASTIC support. The program has made a HUGE difference in our playlists.

Rick Sonic/SonicSedition

You have a great program. I’ve now used M1 for several years at two different stations and it just WORKS!

Bob Sloan/KCMM

I’m so grateful to Music 1 – I’ve learnt so much about radio since starting scheduling with it 3 months ago!

Richie Gardiner/Spirit Radio/Dublin

Steve, thanks for your help. The new settings you sent got us back to normal. Since your software works so well, I expect the next time you’ll hear from me is 2014!!

Paul Van Edgom/TWR Africa

We’re still running Music 1 version 3. Over eleven years now. For us, it’s been a rock-solid workhorse.

Rich Gwyn GM/WQCH

This is a truly remarkable piece of software.

Ryan Boswell/WorldWideRadio/Virginia Beach

Your software is great. It has been working perfectly for me for over a year now.

Luis Carvalho/Arena FM/Portugal

Hey, I called to get some instructions about setting up that special rotation for my new adds. Just as I expected, it was super-easy to get M1 to do exactly what I want.

Bill Taylor/KGRD

Steve, We’ve been using M1 for over a month now and I can’t tell you how happy I am with it. I’ve used all the other schedulers at one time or another in my career and M1 is far and away the best I’ve ever seen.

Easton Santos/KBSO Corpus Christi

Hi Steve, I checked out the program last night and I have to tell you, you guys have done a great job. I’m very familiar with MusicMaster and Selector and I think M1 has some better features.


This tool you’ve created is simply marvelous.

David Symonds/Coast FM/Cyprus

Music 1 is a Joy! Thanks for all your work on this. I’m enjoying using it so much. The on air sound is easier to tailor, as well.

Marc Anderson KCBI/Dallas

Kudos to the best tech support in the whole friggin’ industry.

Brad Northam/WZKR

Music1 is a wonderful program. Thank you so much for making my job easier. Keep up the good work!

Brad Portwood/WGGR

I want to say that I really appreciate what you did for us. This is for sure: Music One is a great tool for me as a program director.

It’s a great thing that I can work with all the Music One facilities adapted to the automation system we chose.

Tony Tesiu/Programme Manager/National FM/Bucharest

You know, sooner or later there is going to be some kind of problem with any piece of software. I’ve worked with all kinds of broadcast software and never in my life have I seen anything that is so easy to fix at Music 1 is. Last weekend we had a computer glitch. It screwed up lots of stuff on our computer. I got M1 up and running and back to normal faster than any other software on the machine.

Melinda Beard/KYQX

I just downloaded the latest upgrade. Keep up the great work.

Dougal Pearman/Radio Magnetic / Glasgow

The Music 1 software is a fantastic product, take it from a reluctant dinosaur like me, who was dragged into the computer age kicking and screaming.

Paul Anderson/H.H.R./UK

Just to let you know, Music 1 kicks butt when it comes to scheduling.

John Lee/MountainMix.com

We’ll never us another scheduler, ever again. Music 1 is our baby.

Jeremy Woodruff/Lifetalk Radio Network

Luuuvvv it to death, this Music 1 software.

Owen / Programme Manager/Yarona FM – Botswana

Music 1 quite simply makes our operation possible. WKX is a real mom & pop and Music 1 allows us to effectively schedule our music weeks at a time in the time it used to take to do a single day. It was so much easier to master than Selector that we implemented it the same day it arrived and have been happy converts ever since.

Dave Markum/GM/WKXF

It Works! It Works! Your AASCII DadPro export has married our Music 1 to DadPro just as it should. Thanks again, you’re on the ball and saved us $600 (for the Enco fee.) And once again, excellent work on the recent update. I can’t believe how it took an already excellent system and made it that much better.

Bill Gruber / GM/WAPS Akron

I have been using Music 1 LE for several weeks now and I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with your product. It seems you have built a music scheduler that fits our needs very well. At our station, we have an incredibly varied playlist that includes just about every major music genre out there. So programming a consistent music flow that isn’t tilted in any particular direction is job #1 for me. Music 1 LE assists me greatly in doing my job. I know I can count on excellent schedules every day, and with the way Music 1 works, I know I will probably have some fun scheduling it all too. Your support was extremely timely and made the whole experience even better. There aren’t many pats on the back in this industry but this is one for you and your team. Thanks for a great program and for helping our station save some money in the long run.

Whit McGhee/WVOK

This looks like something a real radio guy created. It took me six weeks to halfway figure out how to work Selector. It took me a day and a half to figure out EVERYTHING I needed to know with Music 1.

Nick Straka/Jukebox Radio

With Music 1 out there, I can’t imagine why anyone would want to continue with Selector. Music 1 makes no errors!

Barry Collins/KKLN

I worked with Selector for ten years before switching to Music 1 a few months ago. I am so happy now. And I am hearing comments from listeners and advertisers and friends saying our music is so much better now. They ask, “what did you do?” (Our sister station) still uses Selector, but we prefer to use Music 1 because it seems to be really better software. Please tell any one to call me for my advice about why we now use M1 and not the old ‘dinosaur’.

Laure /Music Director/Fun Radio / Belgium

We have utilized this program to the fullest extent. We schedule all our ID’s, commercials, and music with it….and it schedules like a charm. Even training the staff on it is a breeze. With scheduling 35% Can/Con long for a day, it is done within 15 minutes. We have exploited this program to its limits…I think. It schedules absolutely everything…we are a small staff of 2, and when a remote comes about and one of us is out of town, we can still do a remote with one person…and no one in the studio…and Music 1 schedules it all for automation! Go figure! That’s how well the program works for us! Thanks for thinking of our little operation when you added the non-music spot characteristics. It allows us to automate more and more without paper to chase.

Brian Lefebvre/CKHR

Having, up to now had only a limited knowledge of music scheduling systems (I have always pick my own music when doing a programme and having a friend who started programming with Selector who was on the brink of a nervous breakdown at the start) Music 1 was a godsend. Easy to set up and easy to maintain. I’m still learning but, Music 1 is making music scheduling exciting

Bob Price/Sunderland England

It is very intuitive. Drag and drop works great for formatting adjustments.

Bob Sharader/KTSW

Thank you, Steve. Also, thank you for all your help and providing a great tool like Music 1. It has been a tremendous asset in doing a more professional job over the past 8 years or so. Have a great day!

Dan Kennard/WDBA

I must tell you (and I’m probably not the only one…) that working with M1 is a joy.

Olaf Guillaume/Canadian Forces Network

Thanks very much for a great software program and outstanding support.

Michael Lawrence/WKHV

Steve, thanks for the new import and help this week. It was a perfect job-as always.

Werner /Nostalgie/Belgium

Absolutely the best value in a music scheduler. The best, most easiest to understand music scheduler. Does the job it’s supposed to do. I strongly recommend.

Gary Belt/Owner/WBLM

Thanks again for an awesome product.

Pete Havey/Mystic Soundscapes / Albuquerque

Thanks for the quick reply (as always), Steve! Your availability is one of the real benefits of having chosen Music 1!

Bob Cady/Champlain College

BTW, the software is great and the documentation well written and easy to understand. So far I have had no questions but will certainly let you know if I do. I look forward to using it.

Chris Brown/Net.Radio XP / Los Angeles

Thanx Steve – I’ll trundle on (wouldn’t it be amazing if other pgm developers made things simple & helpful like M1!!)

Neil Ovens/Taste FM / South Africa

I’m using M1 on my webstation and also just got back programming a Classic Rock station in Lafayette, Indiana and have to use Selector every day, and I have to tell you I think Music 1 is an easier program to use.

Rob Creighton/React Radio

This is just a beautiful program.

Bob Ottoway/Classic Music America

By the way, Music1 is a terrific program. I’ve worked with various systems going back to the old IGM systems of the 70s, through which I lost much hair and developed a formidable array of never before heard curse words, and this is the best I’ve ever seen. Kudos on its development.

Jim Nettleton/RadioPhillyStyle.com

WMUD is sounding great, thanks to the music control we get with M1.

Chip Morgan/WMUD/Vermont

I’ve uploaded 6 new playlists to Live365 for from now till next week. That would have normally taken me a few days to accomplish before. this is great. I can’t say enough about it Steve. I’ve already ,entioned it to a few other broadcaster’s. This is going to save me a s**t load of time!.

Dwight/Backtrax Oldies

I just first want to thank you for all your assistance helping me get up to speed with music1. I couldn’t be happier. I love music1.

It couldn’t be easier and my station sounds a lot better now. I should have been using this a long time ago.

James Skidmore/Lost 80s

My station simply could not sound as good as it does without Music 1. Thanks for helping me make That 70′s Channel so successful.

Bud Kress

Thanks for such an amazing product.

Michael Tuffin/RadioMaxx

A brilliant piece of software, I simply couldn’t run my station without it.

Alex Gallagher/Folk Radio UK

Before I got M1 was spending about 2 horus a day scheduling. Now it’s down to 5 or 10 minutes a day.

Scott O’Brien/SmoothJazz.com

Music 1 is by far the most awesome music scheduling program I’ve ever worked with.

Darrell Heimback/i-CountryMemories.com

Thanks for a great program

Anders Westi/Nuuk FM / Greenland

Your availablility and level of support is SUPERB!!!!

Philip Linville/Totally 80s

I want to commend you for making such a powerful unterface available to internet broadcasters.

Scott Fuller/eStream

I just wanted to let you know that Music 1 is working out very well for me. With Music 1 I can schedule an entire days broadcast in just a few minutes with complete control over what’s played and when.

Roger Suydam/J Rock 104

I am truly impressed with Music1. And I’m now ordering another license for my second station.

David Dalley/LDS Radio/Salt Lake City

Another good report for Music 1 LE: It handles Christmas music better than anything else I’ve seen out there and way better than Selector. You know you’ve got a good music scheduler when it can schedule 15 different renditions of Santa Claus Is Coming To Town without choking up.

Whit McGhee / Program Director/WVOK

I’m loving this software more and more every day. It’s just super.

Mr. Mike/ThePulseRocks.com

M1 is an excellent product!

Eric Botosan/E-Clectic Music