Syndicate Yourself

So, you’re a radio pro, you know how to program music formats and you can do a better music mix than what you’ve heard from the known format syndicators.  With Music 1, you can easily do this:

    1. Create your format and deliver your pristine music schedule to your affiliates each day.
    2. Your affiliate uses Music 1’s Traffecta for their own traffic/billing.
    3. Your music schedule merges seamlessly into the affiliate station’s ad schedule.
    4. The affiliates finished programming log/schedule is delivered to playout.

And there’s more: Your schedule can also include Jingles, Liners, PSA’s, Promos, Format Imaging, etc. These non-music units can be easily filtered by the affiliate stations. One station may take the music and Promos. Another station may take the Liners, Imaging and Jingles. Another station may take only the music schedule.

Affiliate stations may be allowed to make music formatting adjustments, or they may be prevented from such. Stations may add their own content. They may take your feed only for certain hours of the day.

If you are a radio programming consultant, if you have the entrepreneurial spirit, talk with Steve about this.