PlayoutONE FAQ

PlayoutONE videos are here.

You can download a trial copy of PlayoutONE here

What Is It?

PlayoutONE is a new playout/automation system for webradio. It has tight integration with Music 1; meaning new audio ripped or copied into PlayoutONE automatically appears on new Song Cards in Music 1 (no more double-entry). If an audio file is deleted from P1, it is automatically deleted from the M1 database as well. The playlists Music 1 creates are automatically imported into P1.  PlayoutONE is priced exceptionally low and it works with both Music 1 Version 7/Professional and Music 1 SE.

Which OS Is Best for PlayoutONE ?

Windows and is supported on modern Windows OS’s like Vista, 7, 8 and 10. (XP is NOT supported.)

Does PlayoutONE output audio to multiple devices?

Yes. We have designed PlayoutONE with 4 on screen players and each player can output to any audio device on your machine. There is also a 5th device which is for editing and previewing audio this can go through it’s own device as well. You may want everything to go through just one device – this is also supported.

What audio file types are supported by PlayoutONE?

MP3 and MP2 sounds (.mp3, mp2), AAC and MP4 sounds (.aac, mp4), WAV sounds (.wav), OGG Vorbis sounds (.ogg), AIFF sounds (.aiff), Windows Media sounds (.wma, wmv, asx, asf), AC3 sounds (.ac3), ALAC sounds (.m4a), FLAC sounds (.flac), WavPack sounds (.wv), MOD music (.it, xm, s3m, mod, mtm, mo3), CD tracks (.cda)

Does PlayoutONE allow me to rip from CD?

Yes. CD Ripping is fully supported and any meta data that may be available will be automatically populated for you.

Does the playlist support commands?

Yes. To facilitate complete automation playlists can be switched, loaded and generated from commands inserted into the playlist, either directly or those included in the formatting and playlists that are created with Music 1.

Is there a log of played audio?

Yes. All audio played is logged and a full history of individual audio items can be inspected.

Can I just leave PlayoutONE playing without making playlists with Music 1?

You won’t want to do this, but yes, you could use the AutoDJ function to design templates for selecting audio and then switch it on. It has basic category rotation functions, artist separation rules, etc. It works in a pinch.

Switch on the AutoDJ and PlayoutONE will intelligently loop through the selected template to choose the audio to play.

How do PlayoutONE and Music 1 work together?

Music1 SE and Music 1 Version 7/Professional are closely integrated with PlayoutONE. They export playlists in the correct format for PlayoutONE and also synchronise audio details….rip a new track into P1 and it is automatically entered into the M1 library database. Save a new schedule with M1, it automatically loads and launches in P1 at midnight.

Can I pull in a file or stream from the internet and play it?

Indeed you can. Using the commands in PlayoutONE you can load and play streams. If the file resides on the internet you can load it up in advance and play it when you need it. This is ideal for news bulletins and the like.