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Our partnership with RadioStationSolutions in the UK has produced an exciting, robust new playout/automation system that is tightly integrated with Music 1. This package marks a major advancement in the webcasting universe. Here is a Total Solution for internet radio stations, a world-class music scheduling and content management tool and a professional-level playout system that is easy to learn and master and offered at a remarkably low price.

UPDATE: With continued development, P1 has proved itself in the commercial/broadcast world. It is now replacing automation/playout systems that cost many times more than the low PlayoutONE price. This is the single best package of power/function/cost broadcast software in the field.

Adding Live Voice Tracks to PlayoutONE


Voice Tracking Future Hours/Days

The Top Of Screen Buttons
Here’s what you see when you click on the function buttons one the PlayoutONE screen.


Importing a Single Song or Audio Track


Mass Importing Audio Tracks


No Dupes When Importing In The Future


Linking M1 to P1 and Importing Library Data


Linking The M1 Playlist Folder to P1 and Importing Schedules

The Streaming and DeBugging Tools
These two will be installed with your PlayoutONE.

Player Commands