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Audio Folder/Directory Recommendations

On personal PC’s, audio files may be scattered across many different folders and sub-folders. They’ll have very long paths, such as:  c:\users\user 1\documents and settings\music\album\song.mp3

Now this can be a problem for efficiency for an internet radio station operator. Sometime in the future, everything will need to be moved to a new computer and if thek audio files are moved to a different folder\directory on the new machine (most likely), then the drive\path to all the audio files will need to be changed on every Music 1 song card.

The best thing to do is to have all of your on-air audio files consolidated into one directory that is placed directly under the c:drive.  This will give a very short drive\path.  And when you move this folder to the new machine, the drive\path will be exactly the same and no changes will be necessary on the cards within the Music 1 library.


Clock Rules – Part 1 


Clock Rules – Part 2


Clock Rules – Part 3


Clock Rules – Part 4 Double-Shots


Song Cards 


Song Cards – Duets 


Song Search 


Moving Songs 


Converting Tracks From One Type To Another

When Music 1 imports library data, it tries to get Song onto Song Cards and everything else onto Non-Music cards. What goes onto a Non-Music card is:  1) any audio that is 60 seconds or less; 2) any record that is missing data in the Artist field. Sometimes mistakes are made and so M1 puts a song onto a Non-music card and vice/versa. When that happens, the card can be ‘converted’ from one type to the other.


Mass Changes to Song Cards 


Mass Changing the Drive\Path On Song Cards 


Backup and Restore 



You can design all kinds of library reports; total library, individual categories, ‘spins’ and ‘total plays’ reports. These reports can be printed to paper or to text files.  The reports can also be exported as comma-separated or tab-delimited files which can then be imported into spreadsheets and other database apps. Some reports are hard-wired into M1; for BMI/ASCAP and SoundExchange and PRS, you just select the report name from the file>export menu. This video shows how to custom-create reports.


BMI, ASCAP, SoundExchange Reports