"It's a Power Tool for the
modern music curator."


Automation Selection
Music 1 has built-in playlist file exports for every widely used automation/playout system in the world, about 70 are currently in itm giving each system precisely the type of playlist file in content and structure that each one needs. When a new playout system is introduced, we make a system-specific export for it. 


Traffic Log Import 
Music 1 can import the advertising schedule from any and all traffic/billing software.  It most cases, stations have their automation/playout systems import the music schedule and the traffic schedule, then merging the two together for the final on-air schedule. That’s ok. But, if you want to, you can have M1 do it and then send a fully merged log file to the playout system. This is good because you then see total content, everything on one editing screen. You can add an extra song for “light” commercial hours or drop an unneeded song from a heavy spot load hour and make other adjustements that you might want. Here’s how to get M1 to read and import a traffic log file. You’ll only need to do the set-up one time.


Spot Breaks Added To Format Clocks 
If you are going to have M1 import the advertising schedule, then Spot Break units must be added to your Format Clocks. These tell M1 which advert clusters to bring into which positions in the hours.


You can design all kinds of library reports; total library, individual categories, ‘spins’ and ‘total plays’ reports. These reports can be printed to paper or to text files.  The reports can also be exported as comma-separated or tab-delimited files which can then be imported into spreadsheets and other database apps. Some reports are hard-wired into M1; for BMI/ASCAP and SoundExchange and PRS, you just select the report name from the file>export menu. This video shows how to custom-create reports.


Music Licensing Reports 
The BMI/ASCAP, SoundExchange and PRI reports are built into M1.  Here’s how to produce them.


Log Print Design 
You can have M1 print the daily log/schedule to paper or to a text file.  Text file logs can be exported as fixed-width, tab-delimited or comma-separated.


Folder View 
A look inside the folder where M1 and its assorted files and sub-folders are kept.


Backup and Restore