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Song Cards

Version 7/Professional Song Card 


Hour Restrictions
Here’s how to prevent a song from scheduling in certain hours. This type of restriction can also be applied to non-music units such as promos, jingles, voice tracks, etc.


Mass Changes 
You may apply a certain Tempo or Gender or Sound Code to many songs at the same time.


Linked Tracks
Non-music tracks can be linked to Music tracks so that when a certain song is scheduled in a certain position, M1 will automatically schedule the linked track next to it. For example, you have have a “Hit Year” stager the puts a 2004 stager before hits from that year and the 2009 stager before hits from that year, etc.  You can have M1 schedule voice tracks about Adele before or after her songs, voice tracks about Sting next to his songs.


Linked Tracks – Video 2