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Categories are “rotation groups”. Some categories may have just a few songs, others may have hundreds or even thousands. Each and every song in a category will get the same number of plays. The number of times a song gets scheduled is determined by 1) how many songs are in the category, and 2) how many times that category is used in your formatting clocks. See the videos about Rotation Prediction and the Average Turnover screen.

There are two basic types of categories:  Music and Non-music.  Non-music is used for everything that isn’t music: Jingles, Station IDs, Promos, Voice Tracks, Long form programs, etc. Those who use Traffecta see a third type: Spots (commercials).


Category Views


Setting the Search Depth (dig level)


Shuffle Categories 


Selection Categories 
This is a special type of category that allows a song to be in two categories at the same time.  It is used for “theme” programming. For example, a Classic Rock stations has song by the Stones in many different categories that are used all during the week. The station wants to run an All Stones Hour on Saturday night. The Music Director creates a Stones “selection” category and copies all the songs by the group into it. Then creates a special format clock that only uses the Stones-selection category and adds that to the Saturday Dayformat. Then the hits by the Stones will be schedule normally through the week and the All Stones hour will be easily scheduled each week.


Song Search 


Moving Songs 

Moving Songs Found By Search


Average Turnover – Rotation Prediction


Using The Flip Function