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This is not a robo-response form. Your request will be handled by Steve or Elijah at the M1 office who will send you a link download the installer of your choice. Usually, a same-day response but always within a day.

Be aware: M1 is a professional tool and is not software you can learn to use by just clicking around and experimenting. Invest some study time, watch some of our tutorial videos, download and read the Quickstart manual for the version you choose for trial.


Broadcast radio stations use Version 7/Professional or LE/Legacy Edition. Internet radio stations may use either of those two or our low cost SE/Special Edition.

You will find Version Comparisons under the Trial link at the top of this page.

RECOMMENDATION: Watch several of the instructional videos on this site to get an understanding of the basic functions of the software. Download the QuickStart manual for the version of your choice.

Send all questions to:

You may phone Steve with your questions between 9 and 5 (central time/US) at: 1-512-392-2415

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