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Compare SE vs LE

Music 1 SE was developed for internet radio and background music providers. SE is based on the source code for Version 7, so it has a more advanced look-and-feel. Music 1 LE/Legacy Edition is an earlier version of Music 1; at one time it was our top-of-line software. LE continues to be widely used by terrestrial broadcast stations and, because of the additional features listed below, some webcasters choose to get this one.

Both SE and LE are buy-out software. For Internet radio use, Legacy Edition is priced approximately $250 above the current SE price.
The primary differences between the two are these:

SE allows a maximum of 10 format clocks LE has no limit on the number of clocks that can be created.

SE has one Clock Lineup, Legacy Edition allows ten
The Hour Clock Lineup (aka: Day Format) is a grid with 24 slots, one for each hour of the day. In each slot, the clock to be used is clicked in. One clock may be used every hour of the day, or different clocks may be used in specific hours. Most webcasters need only one Hour Clock Lineup. The clocks used in each hour slot can be changed easily, so you can quickly make clock changes/replacements (point-and-click) in any hour slot before scheduling the next playlist. Most broadcast stations need at least three Hour Clock Lineups; one for weekdays, one for Saturday and another for Sunday, and many internet radio producers need multiple DayFormats, as well. With LE, you could have a specific DayFormat/clock lineup for each day of the week, if desired so there is much less need to click-in clock line-up changes before scheduling.

SE allows up to 40 Categories. LE has no limit to the number of categories that may be created. With both versions there is no significant limit to the number of songs or units added to the categories.

Playlist/Log File Output
Music 1 SE makes only the common and simple .m3u-type playlist files that is used by the most popular webcasting playout systems such as SAM Broadcaster, OtsA/V, ProppFrexx, StationPlaylist Studio, TuneTracker, WinAmp, Windows Media Player, ZaraRadio etc. SE has a built-in interface for Live365 webcasters using the Live365.com locker system; LE does not work with the Live365 locker system.

Legacy Edition can create a daily playlist/log file for any and all professional broadcast automation/playout systems including all the ones developed for webcasting and background music applications.

Advertising Schedule Importing
LE can import commercial advertising schedules from radio traffic/billing software, merging the advertising scheduling into one playlist/log file that can then be exported to the automation/playout system. SE does not have this function.

Built-In Auditioning Player
SE has a click-and-hear player so you can audition songs as you work with it. This function is not in LE.

Dayparting/Hour Restrictions
LE has the function allowing any song or non-music item to be restricted, prevented from scheduling in specified hours of the day/week. SE does not have song hour restrictions.

Auto-Numbered Daily Voice Tracks
LE has a voice-track auto-numbering function with which announcers can pre-record all their talk segments, song intros and back-sells, etc. and then have M1 schedule them in proper order. This type of ‘daily’ voice tracking is the type where-by each track us used only once (the voice tracks are recorded and updated each day), allowing the station to be totally automated but to have a very ‘live’ feel. With one category-and-card, LE will automatically name-and-number the voice track units in the final schedule to coincide with the numbering system used for daily voice tracking by the station’s automation system. Professional playout/automation systems can also handle this task and some internet radio playout systems can do it as well, so if you use one that does, the daily voice track function wouldn’t be needed. 

Now, all this said, both Music 1 SE and LE are among the most advanced scheduling tools in the world, and the low pricing makes either one an efficient and economical investment.