LE Installer

Use this form to get the LE Installer. You''ll need it to install M1/LE on a different computer; you can't simply move the folder to another computer and have it work. If LE is already installed on the computer, use the LE Upgrade link on the blog to get the latest "engine".

Fill in the form and you'll get a link to the download in your in-box a few minutes later.

When you run the installer, you should choose the "Custom" install option, then remove the check from the "demo files" box. That prevents the unneeded demo databases from being installed. If you forget and those two databases are installed, you can go into the folder in Windows and delete them. After you've installed on the new computer:

1) If you run M1/LE on a single computer, then move your (station).m1 library file and your Logs sub-folder from the old machine into the c:\music 1 le folder on the new one.

2) If you run M1/LE on a network, then start M1 and at the first screen where it says: Open Database, open Options menu,select multi-user mode, then click the Network button and negotiate to your station library file and open it. That set's the path and the M1 on this new computer will then always look to the right place to find and open your database.

Click the Documentation Link to get the LE User Manual, if you need it.

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