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The Music 1 Way
M1 has it’s own unique look and feel. Steve Warren named the innovative functionality: Interactive Scheduling. Simply put, M1 users make editing decisions during the scheduling run, rather than having to clean and fix the daily log after a scheduler has made it’s initial run. The Music 1 way is simple, quick, efficient. Interactive scheduling delivers absolutely reliable song rotations and spins on every song in each category. See a quick demo here.


M1 for Broadcast Radio

Music 1/Professional is the most advanced software. Subscription.

Music 1 Legacy Edition is an earlier version of M1. It doesn’t have the more advanced functions of Pro. It is a solid scheduling tool. Buy-out.

Compare Pro and LE here.


M1 for Internet Radio

Music 1 SE/Special Edition is a robust scheduling tool for Internet Radio. The little brother to Version/Pro, it has the same look-and-feel. SE produces proper playlist file-types that are used by most of the widely-used internet radio playout systems. Buy-out  $249.

Internet radio operators using professional broadcast automation systems may need either Pro or LE, both of which have system-specific operations required by pro playout systems.

Compare SE and Pro here.

Compare SE and LE here.


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