"It's a Power Tool for the
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Broadcast Radio

Music 1 Version 7 is the most advanced software.  Lease/License

Music 1 LE/Legacy Edition doesn’t have so many advanced functions but is a solid scheduling tool and is budget priced. Buy-out

You can request and install both of them, if you want. They’ll install into different directories. Compare versions here.

Internet Radio

Music 1 SE/Special Edition is a robust scheduling tool for Internet Radio. The little brother to Version 7/Pro, it has the same look-and-feel. SE produces proper playlist file-types that are used by most of the widely-used internet radio playout systems. Buy-out

Internet radio operators using one of the many professional broadcast automation systems may need to get either Version 7 or LE, both of which have system-specific operators that is often required by such playout systems.  Compare SE/Pro here. Compare SE/LE here.

The Music 1 Way
Interactive Scheduling is the most efficient, time-saving way to schedule and edit programming logs. M1 is the only scheduler in the world designed to work this way. To see quick demo, click here.

There are three editions; two for broadcast radio and three for internet radio. Version comparisons can be found here.

Compare Versions
Version 7/Professional vs  LE/Legacy Edition here.

Version 7 Professional vs SE/Special Edition for Internet Radio here.

LE/Legacy Edition vs SE/Special Edition here.

Music 1 vs Other Music Schedulers here.

Get Music 1 For Your Trial Run here. 

Get PlayoutONE for Trial here.