"It's a Power Tool for the
modern music curator."

The Music 1 Way: Edit During The Scheduling Run

First generation schedulers are all designed for retro-active scheduling and editing. They run the entire day, filling every slot. They flag the songs that were scheduled in violation of one of the station’s formatting rules. Or, at the user’s option, they leave such problem slots empty. After the scheduling run, the music director then spends an average hour editing the log; fixing what the scheduler did wrong.

Music 1 users average less than ten minutes at the task and it never breaks formatting or music flow rules. M1 has a superior scheduling design that we’ve dubbed: Interactive Scheduling. That means the music director makes all the log edits during the scheduling run. It is amazingly efficient and accurate.

Born On the Mac

Music 1 is so quick and nimble because it is the off-spring of Steve Warren’s first scheduler, the one he created for the Mac back in the 80’s. That was a technological marvel for it’s time but wasn’t successful in the marketplace. He soon discovered there was no platform for it. Radio ran on PC and didn’t buy Mac’s. But the several dozen stations that did get it used it for years and provided the proof in the performance. Inter-active scheduling just worked better, easier, quicker. So, the ideas that were pioneered for the Mac, were copied and re-written for Windows. Here’s how it works: