PlayoutONE Overview

Music 1 is the most widely used music & content scheduler for internet radio. It works with all of the most popular radio automation / playout systems. Now, we have of our own system and it is a power-packed package.

PlayoutONE + Music 1 = The Total-Solution For Internet Radio Stations
This the the best price+performance+features package that’s ever been offered by anybody anywhere. And yes, there is a free tryout available.

This Is The Way It Should Be Done: PlayoutONE was built to be married to Music 1.
All of the other playout systems were developed for just that task: playing audio. Scheduling the content came as an afterthought. Each of them then coded in some some rudimentary scheduling functions, but for advanced, consistent and professional-sounding radio, a dedicated scheduling and content management software like Music 1 is the tool of choice. As PlayoutONE was being developed, robust scheduling and content management was our first priority. This fully integrated package eliminates the need for scripting. It eliminates the problems that are inherent in systems that rely on audio files being scattered across many folders on the computer.

PlayoutONE Contains All Of The Broadcast Audio Files
It makes and imports copies of your audio, processes the copies, normalizes, sets the merge and fade points, eliminates silences at the beginning and end of each file. Manual adjustements are easily made. Since P1 is functionally “married” to M1, the tedium of audio file management is eliminated. Processor and encoders are included. PlayoutONE delivers great audio quality.

Tight Integration = One Entry Cross-Platform Data Sharing:
With this tight P1/M1 integration, drop a new sound file into your the audio folder on the computer and it is automatically imported into PlayoutONE. Newly added audio files are then automatically imported into Music 1. An edit in M1, such as a Title update, is concurrently updated in the P1 meta-data.

Music 1 Schedules All: Music, voice tracks, station IDs, programs, any and all audio. Even more, M1 also schedules Time Updates (hard and soft start/fade times), URL Joins/Switches and Player Commands
If you want a program to start at a specific time, the command to do that is added to the format clock(s) in M1 which then tells P1 what to do and precisely when to do it. No coding or special scripting required, it’s all built-in. Finished playlists from M1 are automatically loaded each day and hour by P1.

Great Voice Tracking Tool – Including Remote Voice Tracking
PlayoutONE has an advanced voice-tracking function allowing easy creation of “live” voice tracks which are then mixed smoothly and tightly over the fades and intros of songs. AND: with the P1 Remote Voice Tracker, announcers can record voice tracks with an in-studio experience no matter where in the world they may be. They’ll hear the songs in their headphones as they record their song intros and backsells, so they can really ‘nail’ it.

The price for PlayoutONE: A Near Miraculous $155
There has never been a price this low for a playout system in this class.

PlayoutONE works seamlessly with Music 1 Version 7/Pro and with Music 1 SE

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