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PlayoutONE – Adding Voice Track Markers

If you’ve got announcers recording “live” voice tracks daily, inserting them into the finished playlists, then you may want to have some ‘markers’ in the playlist showing the presenters where to do them. This is done in M1 with Log Notes.  The notes will then be seen on the P1 playlist.  When the announcer clicks… Continue Reading

Revision 556 Update

This one was released over the weekend and code-ace Neil Campbell  advises everybody get this one. It’s about 10 times faster when starting a schedule or opening the editor for a track. Talking fractions of seconds here, if your library is small, you may not notice. There was a fix for an infrequent crash that happened during… Continue Reading

SoundExchange Reporting

Music 1 have built in functions to make the music licensing reports for BMI, ASCAP, PRS/PPL, SoundExchange and the special NPR SoundExchange report. In each case, we went to the reporting agencies and got their requirements and have installed pre-defined  reports that conform exactly to specifications of each one. All you have to do is… Continue Reading