7x Pro Update Details

Updates apply primarily to the Professional Edition and to the Traffecta traffic/billing module within it. Music 1 SE is built same source code, so we build and post a new SE each time the pro version is updated in order to keep the revision numbers in sync for the two. Since SE does not have the advanced functions of Pro few updates are necessary or important for SE users. We do advise all to not get too far behind in the version/revision number you currently are using. Open M1’s ‘about’ menu to see it.

To download the latest update, open the Upgrade link above and select the version you need.

Revision 485 – Release 4.19.17
-New code added to the Traffecta auto-fill function. In previous versions, Traffecta was set to auto-fill with the least-number of spots. So, if a local break needed to fill 30 seconds, it would be filled with one :30 rather than two :15’s. This lead to the underplay of the :10 and :15 second adverts that would also be available for fill. The new code has Traffecta looking to select the “most rested” of the spots in the fill pool.

Revision 472 – Release 3.1.17
-Update to the reconcile function when M1 is paired with PlayoutONE.

Revision 471 – Release 2.27.17
-Traffecta Fix: Product separation within a break wasn’t working correctly; two adverts with the same Product  (like:  auto sales, hardware, insurance, etc.) were being prevented from scheduling in the same break, even if the user had OK’d two of the type in a break provided they were separated by an item of another type.
-Traffecta Fix: A fix in printed reports, receivables and statements. A second line of an item was being repeat-printed as a second line of other items in the report.

Revision 446 – Release 1.23.17
-updated the Import-From-PlayoutONE function to enable user to prevent M1 from importing certain types of audio file records. best example:  daily voice tracks that are added to P1. Those go into the PlayoutONE database but there is no need for them to be imported into M1 as they are one-use and will not air again. you may now custom-name/define other ”types’ in P1 and then tell M1 to not import them.

Revision 457 – Release 1.13.16
-there have been a few Traffecta updates and tweeks. best to update now if you use our traffic/billing module.
-PlayoutONE automation system has now moved to the sql platform.  a new Automation format output for it was added.  there are now two automation formats for P1, one for the Access platform that has been in place since it’s launch and the new one for the robust SQL version.

Revision 446 – Release 11.30.16
-added reconcile function for the Zenon automation/playout system.
-updated the playlist file M1 creates for the Myriad automation/playout system.
-extended Track Plays report to non-music items. You can now select an individual track and get a text file listing of the date + play time for a date-range of your choosing.

Revision 427 – Release 10.4.16
-a minor modification to M1’s log file for the Myriad automation system. formerly, M1 allowed Myriad to auto-detect audio types. now, in the first column of the Myriad log file, M1 puts an S for Song, L for non-music units and A for Adverts.

Revision 425 – Release 9.15.16
-expanded and updated the NPR SoundExchange report function.

Revision 417 – Release 8.2.16
-updated the SoundExchange report eliminating data about songs with zero plays in the reporting period.
-new interface functions with P1

Revision 412 – Release 7.13.16
-Traffecta sales projection reporting has been updated.
-Traffecta receivables is now working for future predictions; previously showed computations only for past dates.
-updates some inter-connected functions between M1 and PlayoutONE; editing song cards in M1 now immediately updates the song record in P1.

Revision 389 – Released 1.30.16
-Update Cart function added to the P1 format within M1, making it easier to import scheduling data from another music scheduler into M1, keeping all of the song categories and song characteristics and then merging the P1 UID numbers onto the song cards in M1.
-correction for the reconcile function for iMediaTouch users.
-improved reliability for multi-user mode
-added a quick function to replace either the File data with the Cart field data, or vice/versa
-added function to mass change the drive\path in the Cart and File fields

Revision 375 – Released 11.6.15
-a slider bar has been added to the Tracks view for ease of use on Category/Track views that have many data fields to display across the screen.

Revision 373 – Released 9.22.15
-A Music 1 user over-scheduled his day to more than 38 hours of content and M1 wouldn’t then let the log file be edited. That’s right. Formerly, it did allow up to 36 hours of content in a day, our thinking that was way, way more than anyone could ever possibly want to have. So now, should you want it (!?!), M1 will allow you to schedule 48 hours total content in one single day’s log.

Revision 370 – Released 9.12.15
-Added function to put a customized affidavit into Invoices from Traffecta.

Revision 361 – Released 7.6.15
–added to Traffecta, a function to print ad copy, a copy-sheet for live announcer reads and to have these copy sheets print on individual pages at the time the daily log/schedule is printed.  To enable this, go to the Log Formats screen and select the option in the Style set up to Print Copy Sheet.

Revision 352 – Release 5.20.15
-added a system-specific playlist output for mAirList playout system.