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Christmas Scheduling

Great time of the year, but with all the multiple versions of the same classic songs, it takes a bit of planning to ensure you don’t get two versions of White Christmas showing up in the same hour.  Here are three short videos showing how to handle Christmas most efficiently.     Continue Reading

Linked Tracks – Advanced

Linked Tracks can be used in many ways. You may have “Hit Year” stagers announcing the year a song was on the music charts. A Linked Track item on a Format clock can automatically schedule the “2010” stager before a song from that year.  When a song from 1999 schedules, M1 will automatically schedule the… Continue Reading

Linked Tracks – Linking To Songs

Everyone who uses Music 1/Professional knows it also schedules voice tracks, jingles, promos, stagers, programs and all non-music things, as well. Not everyone knows about our exceptionally smart Linking functions. You can have M1 automatically schedule certain voice tracks or stagers next to songs. Say you have some Hit Year Stagers, M1 drop-in the “Hit… Continue Reading

Linked Tracks – Hit Year

I have some Hit Year stagers. I want to link them to my songs so the correct Hit Year stager will be scheduled before a song. A 1999 song should have a “1999” stager before it; a 2003 song should have a “2003” stager before it. How do i get this done? I’m assuming you… Continue Reading

Format Clock – Clusters

One of the things that’s always bothered us is what happens when you add several very short category units to a format clock. Since the pie slices are proportionally the size of the content of the catgeogry, and since the category name/label is linked to the “middle” of the pie slice, if we add a… Continue Reading