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Create Reports – Basic

This is an old video, created with M1 Version 5. In the latest pro edition, the report screen and function buttons have been changed and re-positioned a bit. After you’ve created a report design (template), you can then print it over and over with a couple of mouse-clicks. Continue Reading

Printing to PDF

Install CutePDF. It is a free software. When it is installed, it becomes a recognized “printer” in your Windows operating system. Then, whenever you give a print command to any document, you click to select CutePDF as the printer and it’ll make the file you need. Continue Reading

Song Plays Report

I’d like to run a report that will show me every place some of my songs have scheduled over the past week or two. What’s the best way to do that? The quickest thing is to open a song card and click the Rotation tab. That’ll show you a two week grid with a blue… Continue Reading

Track Plays Report

We’ve added a Track Plays report that will deliver a file that includes the data and time every song or non-music track or spot was scheduled/played during a date-range that you select. This report will export a comma-separated text file (with the extension of:  .csv), that can be readily imported into Excel and/or other databases… Continue Reading