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Scheduling End-Dated Units

Non-music units may have start and end dates and also start and end times. This can minimize the need to move promos (for example) into and out of the category during the campaign run. Say you have a promotion running from the 1st to the 10th.  You’ve recorded a dozen different promos; some running every day but others running only from the 1st to the 5th, others from the 4th to the 7th and three of them to be scheduled only in the evening hours.  You can handle this with just one category with the dozen promo cards in it and that one category is all that’s needed for the format clocks that will be active during the campaign.

Here’s a two minute video about how it’s done.


Now, about the category rule “Do not require this category to be scheduled” that’s seen in the video. All the eligible units will always be scheduled as they should be. The setting only tells M1 that it can leave the category slot unfilled if there are no qualified tracks. If that happens, if the slot is unfilled it does not affect playout at all. The category name will still appear in the editing window, but nothing about it will be included in the playlist that’s delivered to automation.


Scheduling Christmas

Way, way back, I started scheduling Christmas music on Thanksgiving day. For those outside the USA, that always falls on the 3rd Thursday of November; about five days before the big day. After that holiday weekend, I’d schedule one Christmas song an hour for the next week.  Two an hour the week after.  Three an… Continue Reading

Shuffling Categories

After the initial shuffle of a category, there is usually little reason to shuffle.  If there are major changes to the category, maybe a lot of new songs added to it, then it probably could use a shuffle. Otherwise, the only reason to shuffle is to eliminate predictability. Like, “every time I hear that song, seems… Continue Reading

Scheduling – Automatic Scheduling

There are three ways to schedule with Music 1. Inter-active, which is the original inter-active algorithm. Hybrid, a cross-mix with the traditional music schedulng algorithm which has the software making choices about rule violations. And this one. Automatic has M1 scheduling the full day, every day without any stops for editing decisions. Continue Reading

Hybrid Scheduling System

With just a few settings changes, you can use a hybrid scheduling routine that will have M1 making choices and over-riding minor rules problem slots when it has to, and stopping for inter-active edits when unbreakable rules problems are encountered. Continue Reading

Scheduling – Syndicated Shows

How can I schedule syndicated programs, like my weekly Oldies show? Typical syndicated show may have 5 segments an hour and maybe it is a 3 hour show; so, 15 segments. In M1, create one Category for it. Add 15 Cards, each with the approximate length of the segment, each with the specific Cart /… Continue Reading

Platooning for Tempo Control

It often happens with a new Music 1 user’s first time around the track. It’s quite easy to install formatting and music flow rules that simply don’t jive with the content of the library.  This video demonstrates something I’ve often seen with new M1 start-ups.  M1 is designed to deliver the same number of spins for… Continue Reading