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Hybrid Scheduling System

M1’s scheduling algorithm was designed for inter-active, fix-as-you go editing. The traditional music scheduling algorithm was designed for editing to be done after the software had filled in the entire day, flagging formatting and rules problems that need attention.

With just a few settings changes, you can use a hybrid scheduling routine that will have M1 making choices and over-riding minor rules problem slots when it has to, and stopping for inter-active edits when unbreakable rules problems are encountered. This system can retain M1’s solidly reliable song rotation and content control even as it reduces daily scheduling/editing time by more than half.

Scheduling – Syndicated Shows

How can I schedule syndicated programs, like my weekly Oldies show? Typical syndicated show may have 5 segments an hour and maybe it is a 3 hour show; so, 15 segments. In M1, create one Category for it. Add 15 Cards, each with the approximate length of the segment, each with the specific Cart /… Continue Reading

Platooning for Tempo Control

It often happens with a new Music 1 user’s first time around the track. It’s quite easy to install formatting and music flow rules that simply don’t jive with the content of the library.  This video demonstrates something I’ve often seen with new M1 start-ups.  M1 is designed to deliver the same number of spins for… Continue Reading

Alternative Categories

M1’s interactive scheduling/editing design delivers the most consistent rotations for all songs within a category. Most users average less than 10 minutes editing time per schedule. But some music directors have many stations to schedule and don’t have time to edit each one. Or, perhaps time constraints require you to schedule a week or more… Continue Reading

Scheduling A Non-Audio Unit

I’ve created a promo category. I’ve assigned the non music type ‘promo’ to each format clock. They only have 1 promo on rotation and want it every other hour.  How do I put a minimum separation on it so that it only plays every other hour? You can do this in one of several ways,… Continue Reading