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Category Views

I’ve often seen M1 libraries that have only the one, original ‘view’ of Categories. Ok, if that’s what you want. But you can make up to ten different views, each displaying the songs with different data columns. One view I have shows Title, Artist, Tempo and Gender.  Another view shows me “Playlist This List” (how many times the songs have been scheduled from within their current category) and “Total Plays” (how many times they’ve played since they were first added to the library).  We can switch from one data-view to another with a mouse-click.

Here’s  video showing how to edit the view templates.

New Website For M1

Our new website design went up last Wednesday afternoon and we immediately discovered that none of the download links worked anymore. If you’ve saved the upgrade links from the past, or if you’ve got any emails from me with those links, you can toss them. The new links to get the upgrades and installers for… Continue Reading

Tempo Rule Problem

M1 is so consistent with its song rotations because it doesn’t ever ignore any of your set Clock rules. Rather, it bird-dogs problems, pointing them out for you to make the important editing choices. As a Music 1 user, you know this is smooth and efficient.  But it is quite easy to set formatting rules that… Continue Reading

No Virus or Malware In M1, Ever

This week, Richie Gardiner a long time M1/Traffecta user in Dublin reported his AVG anti-virus app was giving him a warning, saying the m1 upgrade file was infected with something.  This is not so. He sent me a link to the AVG site where I learned the company had recently updated it’s software.  I began… Continue Reading

M3U Playlists

All automation playlists are simple text files. The content and structure of the data within the playlist file is unique to each professional playout/automation system. Many of the playout systems for internet radio use a common playlist file type that ends with the extension: .m3u Music 1 produces both types of .m3u playlists; standard and… Continue Reading

Scheduling A Non-Audio Unit

I’ve created a promo category. I’ve assigned the non music type ‘promo’ to each format clock. They only have 1 promo on rotation and want it every other hour.  How do I put a minimum separation on it so that it only plays every other hour? You can do this in one of several ways,… Continue Reading