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M3U Playlists

All automation playlists are simple text files. The content and structure of the data within the playlist file is unique to each professional playout/automation system. Many of the playout systems for internet radio use a common playlist file type that ends with the extension: .m3u Music 1 produces both types of .m3u playlists; standard and… Continue Reading

Scheduling A Non-Audio Unit

I’ve created a promo category. I’ve assigned the non music type ‘promo’ to each format clock. They only have 1 promo on rotation and want it every other hour.  How do I put a minimum separation on it so that it only plays every other hour? You can do this in one of several ways,… Continue Reading


In the first few months of this year, I’ve heard from three different stations that they’ve been hit with one of the ‘ransom’ viruses. Those things find all the data files on the computer, then zip and encrypt them. The computer and software on it aren’t affected, they remain functional. But when any document, file,… Continue Reading

Switching To PlayoutONE From Another System

Music 1 users sometimes choose to change their playout systems and usually that means the Cart field must be updated. The Cart field is what tells the automation/playout system how to find the audio to play. Most internet playout system use the drive\path\filename. Most broadcast automation systems use a cart number of their own design,… Continue Reading

PlayoutONE – Voice Tracking Future Hours/Days

Ideally, you will have PlayoutONE installed on a computer dedicated to delivering your broadcast to the transmitter or the internet and another that will be used as your production computer. Then, you’ll install P1’s Remote Voice Track software on the production machine.  If you must voice-track on the computer where P1 is running, then you’ll… Continue Reading

Log Folder

I’ve installed Music 1 on a new machine. Now my log screen is empty. None of my saved schedules are there.” ….With your new install, the Log folder has either not been copied into the M1 folder, or M1 is looking to the wrong Folder.  Below is a graphic with the basic info about the residency of… Continue Reading

Tempo / Transition Jingles

My station has jingles that are fast, medium and slow. How can I get M1 to schedule only slow jingles next to slow songs and fast jingles next to fast ones? There’s a screen shot below.  If you have what are called “transition” jingles, those can be managed as well.  Transition jingles are those that… Continue Reading