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Tempo Rule Problem

M1 is so consistent with its song rotations because it doesn’t ever ignore any of your set Clock rules. Rather, it bird-dogs problems, pointing them out for you to make the important editing choices. As a Music 1 user, you know this is smooth and efficient.  But it is quite easy to set formatting rules that conflict with the reality of the library content. For example, if a station’s library is 30% Female songs, the station schedules 14 songs an hour and the station has Clock rules that prevent more than 3 Female songs in an hour, then the music director will immediately encounter scheduling/editing “stops” with a bunch of Female songs backed up with no places to put them. Here’s an example of that kind of thing happening with Tempo.


No Virus or Malware In M1, Ever

This week, Richie Gardiner a long time M1/Traffecta user in Dublin reported his AVG anti-virus app was giving him a warning, saying the m1 upgrade file was infected with something.  This is not so. He sent me a link to the AVG site where I learned the company had recently updated it’s software.  I began… Continue Reading

PlayoutONE Processsor Settings

If you’re using PlayoutONE, you’ll want to use the built-in processor to add a little ‘thump’ to your signal. P1 has both an EQ and a compressor built in. I’ve got no recommendation about the EQ settings; I usually leave mine absolutely flat. Below are the compressor settings that sound good in my ear: Continue Reading